Whether you dream of Grand Prix dressage success or hope for a harmonious afternoon ride with your horse, Walter Zettl has advice for you. Every ride is a training session and Walter Zettl’s new book, Ask Walter, expresses many of the common training mistakes and pitfalls in our modern training methods. Ask Walter is the ultimate reference book for riders, a must for any dressage library. In Ask Walter, Zettl says, “I would like to address all riders, not just dressage riders. We need people thinking about classical training not only for the longevity of the sport but for the well-being of our horses. My goal is to inspire the horse’s confidence in the rider while developing its natural athletic ability. One should only ask as much from ahorse as is exhibited in turnout or play, when he shows off like a great stallion.  These movements are natural and the horse enjoys doing them.  Movements in horse play are exercises in our tests.  For me, this is Classical Dressage.”

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